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Letter To The Editor: Words Of Consideration

I may be late to express my views in writing concerning issues in the
upcoming election on Sullivan’s Island, but I’ve been a part of the debate
for decades. Many may have already voted, but may I offer a few words for consideration by those who are still debating?

Several years ago I was at a town hall meeting devoted to the question of the accreted land when a brave neighbor stood up and actually sang, “They’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

At the time we all chuckled, but today it’s no longer cute, it’s reality. Of
course, cutting trees does not translate to high rise hotels, but it could be the
beginning of a slippery slope. I’m not completely conversant on the legal details of the maritime forest controversy, but I do know that the land toward the sea in front of the (hopefully) last row of houses was set aside many years ago in a public land trust to prohibit just that sort of eventuality. Several previous letters to the editor have used the words “progress” and “progressive.”

In my opinion, eliminating the maritime forest is foolish “progress.” It just
doesn’t make sense to deprive the residents, human and otherwise, of the
beauty and safety that the maritime forest offers our very special island home.

I am incensed that Mayor Pat O’Neil has been dubbed a “do-nothing” mayor by a few. Just because he hasn’t believed what supports a few folks’ agenda does not mean he hasn’t worked tirelessly and transparently for years for the citizens of Sullivan’s Island, all of them, including compromising toward solutions the details of which he did not originally support. I believe it’s prudent to reelect Mayor O’Neil, and Scott Millimet, Justin Novak and Gary Visser to town council, so that our island will be in wise hands of those who want Sullivan’s Island to safely progress toward the future but to retain its neighborly ambience and its unique and protective natural resources.

Courtney Somers,

Sullivan’s Island

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