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Letter To The Editor: Williams

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to the Island Eye and Rick Reed for the two articles on Aging in Place: the Senior Village concept for Sullivan’s Island and IOP. My Plan A is to live out my days on Sullivan’s Island, but the recent weather-related episodes support my daughters’ argument that I move to higher ground-Plan B.

After reading Rick’s first article, I met with a likeminded group of folks last week to discuss the concept. From that meeting I came home with several steps to take to preserve my independence:

(1) Reach out to younger neighbors with gifts of muffins or cookies and ask if they  will help with occasional chores such as bringing in the paper or rolling out the recycle bin when I’m temporarily indisposed.

(2) Ask a local vendor for a discount if several of us want to buy generators.

(3) Ask a nearby hotel for a reduced rate for Villagers when we need to leave the Island before or during bad weather.

As Rick points out in his most recent article, folks on the Islands who don’t have family nearby or attend church here may not have intergenerational contacts. We need to ask for help before we need it. The Village concept will make it easier for me to keep Plan A going longer and give my daughters peace of mind.

Rose-Marie Williams

Sullivan’s Island


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