Letter To The Editor: Wallace

Dear Travellers of the IOP Connector,

Please help me solve the mystery of who is responsible for the continual removal of memorial flowers and wreaths from the IOP connector.

These floral tributes have been placed in memory of my younger brother Phil Wallace by his widow on a dozen separate occasions but have been removed every time within a couple of weeks. My late brother’s widow is a professional florist and flower arranger, making and placing the floral tributes are very cathartic for her and help her deal with her grief.

Who would do such a callous, disrespectful thing…what kind of person would deny a grieving widow her comfort by desecrating a memorial to her recently killed husband?

If you have any information please email me at your earliest convenience at flowersforphil@gmail. com so that we can catch the wretched person or people responsible for this despicable behavior.

Thank you and sincerely,

Paul Wallace

Mt Pleasant

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