Letter To The Editor: Vote Jimmy For Mayor!

Dear Editor,

In 2011, I wrote a letter to Island Eye News encouraging the residents of the Isle of Palms to vote for Jimmy Carroll for City Council. Now I am urging the residents to vote for Jimmy for Mayor! It is obvious, he has done a great job on City Council and has earned the support of the residents as a result. His first priority is our three sons, Jimmy, Winslow and Capers, but after that, as his ex-wife, I know it is the Island and protecting and maintaining the quality of life for the residents. Even though our marriage did not work, we have remained close, and I have been able to witness his successful journey as a father, businessman and now politician! Jimmy has always given back to the Island and now has the opportunity to give even more if given the chance. I truly believe he is the best candidate for the job with an open door policy and common sense approach to making decisions to maintain the high quality of life for the residents. What a wonderful thing it would be to just drop by and have a chat with the Mayor of our city and let him know how we think things are going! With Jimmy Carroll as mayor, his door will always be open!

Inga Sullivan

Isle of Palms

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