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Letter To The Editor: Unwise And Unsatisfied

This is in response to Mayor Jimmy Carroll’s letter in the last newspaper. My parents always taught me it is easier to catch flies with honey – not vinegar – and attacking our State government per Mayor Carroll’s vinegar approach is not wise for many reasons.

We can and should assert our home rule rights to regulate for our health and safety, but we also can and should be realistic about the massive development happening all around the island. The State has certainly taken the approach that it must balance the interests on and off of the barrier islands because of the types of public access it must require per South Carolina law.

We have many important and delicate issues to solve on the Isle of Palms, and this current city council led by Mayor Carroll is not getting the job done. The island residents and property owners deserve better leaders. The island businesses and taxpaying tourists deserve better leaders. Importantly – the city staff deserves better leaders.

I hope any passionate resident considers running for mayor or city council this year in November. The city staff has put together a great resource on how to run for local office at

The summer is almost upon us. Enjoy the sunny weather!

Joshua Hooser

Wild Dunes    

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