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Letter To The Editor: Tone Deaf Article

Dear Editor,

I have never written a letter to an editor before but felt compelled to write today. The July 17 issue of  The Island Eye News included a front page article titled “A victim of COVID-19.” The article recounts the supposed trials of a couple of white young adults with the subtext that the virus is horribly disrupting their wanderlust plans. In the midst of a pandemic that has killed >650,000 people worldwide and the current civil unrest regarding racial disparities, an article like this is completely tone deaf.

Worsening the affront is the fact that the story regarding SIES resource officer Deputy Mike Costanzo was pushed back to page 4. It could have easily fit in the front page space taken up by the other article.

I usually enjoy reading The Island Eye News but hope that, in the future, more appropriate attention is given to news of worth.

 Best Regards,

Ashli Shirbacheh,

 Isle of Palms

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