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Letter To The Editor: The Right Leader For The Times

I believe that Phillip Pounds is the right person to lead the City of Isle of Palms as mayor. His outstanding career in the financial services industry coupled with a more recent five year track record of public service for the residents of IOP are only the beginning of Phillips’ outstanding personal qualifications. He and I share a career background with large multi-national financial firms. So, I know some of the challenges he has faced, the opportunities he has enjoyed and the lessons he has learned. Upon his retirement, Phillip discovered that his true passion was to make a positive contribution in Public Service. Two years on the IOP Planning assure you that he embodies all of these qualities and will bring them to bear during his tenure with the City of Isle of Palms. If you read Phillips’ mayoral announcement, you know that he wants to focus our city government on treating each other with grace and kindness…being more transparent with and truly engaging all of our residents… building a better dialogue with our critically important business owners…and building trusted partnerships, both on and off our Island. 

With your support this November, I believe Phillip can help to positively change the trajectory of our city for many years to come. 

Murray Small 

Isle of Palms

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