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Letter To The Editor: The Old “Look Over Here” Trick

Sullivan’s Island Town Council seems to be deftly leveraging the Maritime Forest issue as its shiny object in the age-old “look over here” trick designed to distract from other matters. I realize the new council was voted in primarily on its stance on that very important topic; and I’m not suggesting it isn’t the most important one the town faces. But it’s not the only one. For example, the seemingly unbridled construction that continues to expand the footprint of impervious land in residential areas that still do not have a stormwater management system or plan. And creates significant noise and air pollution for residents. That’s kind of important. I know, I know… property owners are within their rights to build as big an edifice as they want as long as it meets the building codes yada, yada, yada. And, of course, those houses all reflect the historic character of the island. That’s just one example. 

While critical, the Maritime Forest is not your only responsibility as town leaders. It’s time to turn the page (dog-earing it, certainly) and earn the privilege you’ve been bestowed to steward the entire island forward, not just the forest. 

Vince Sonson 

Sullivan’s Island

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