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Letter To The Editor: The Magic Of Sullivan’s Island

My family has been a part of Sullivan’s Island since my Grandfather was a small child coming to the Island for the summer and many family members owning homes to the present.

I have seen the island all small cottages with seas of wildflowers covering every yard and an idyllic sleepy town change over the years.

Cottages trucked off the island to make way for new homes and not restored all in a place that speaks of an incredible history.

We live in a historic cottage behind the lighthouse and appreciate the unique character, history and natural beauty  that make this place a respite from the everyday.

Not only a a haven for wildlife and birds, residents and visitors  walk the trails with bird song and enjoy a  beach with unspoiled views.

A reconnection to nature is vital globally and it is everyone’s call to work locally to preserve treasured unspoiled lands and habitats that remain and grace our lives with their beauty.

Many trees and plants scheduled to be decimated hold medicinal properties as well as create a protection for our homes from hurricanes and flooding.

Sullivan’s Island is more exclusive if it retains its charm and natural beauty. Once something so precious is lost it cannot be bought for any price. The sense of foreboding for the fragile ecosystem and irreplaceable beauty is felt by so many.

Please protect our precious home and do not change the island into a generic coastal property.

My vote will be with Pat O’Neill, Millimet , Novak and Visser.

Caroline Knopf

Sullivan’s Island

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