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Letter To The Editor: Support For Tidal Wave

Dear Mr. Mayor and Isle of Palms Council members:

We are writing today to show our support for the Tidal Wave business at the IOP Marina. We have lived on the lsle of Palms and now Goat Island for 30 years. We also own a slip in Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor. We realize the land they use is valuable. We also realize there has been negativity stemming from an Intracoastal Court neighbor. Most recently there seems to be an issue with DHEC permitting for the docks themselves, not the business.

Tidal Wave, as well as the other independent businesses, has always shown great respect and professionalism to all of us that share their day to day pathway. They have also done their utmost to maintain a property that they do not own. We were residents of the IOP and voted for the purchase of the marina 20+ years ago. We have watched it decay since, with no attention or money from the city. Everything is done by the tenants and lease holders.

 A few years back the revitalization plan was shot down in a nasty and negative election. There was room for Tidal Wave in that plan though now I am told there is not.

Tidal Wave provides an opportunity for young residents to pursue careers on the water.

Many of them work toward USCG Captain Licenses, which gives them a path after high school. They also are good ambassadors of our environment and ecosystem.

We have attended their “Residents Day” fundraiser the last two years and have enjoyed it very much. Even after 30 years there is so much to learn.

 Our opinion is: The negativity needs to stop.

City councilmembers need to remember, “If they are lucky enough to live on an island, they are lucky enough.”

The good tenants that pay their rent and maintain a safe environment need to be recognized and appreciated. Remember that people’s lives and their livelihoods matter.

Reconsider the elimination of this business from the IOP Marina and start attending to the docks and parking lot so that everyone (residents and visitors) have a safe place to use.

With the recent news about the structure of the Morgan Creek Grill building, it’s apparent that their lease will not be renewed in 2020. Would it not make sense to keep the cash flowing from a strong business like Tidal Wave Sports? The marina is an unbelievable asset. Please start embracing it and the folks that work hard there everyday.

With kind regards,

Diann and Dennis Clark,

 Isle of Palms

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