Letter To The Editor: Support For Larry Kobrovsky

I want to ask the voters of Charleston County Council District 2 to support candidate Lawrence ‘Larry’ Kobrovsky with your vote in the June 14 primary election. I am a news reporter who has written for local publications which include the Charleston Chronicle, The Post and Courier papers and Charleston City Paper since 1977 covering political, education, police and general news. I have known Larry Kobrovsky since 1998 when he first was elected to Charleston County Consolidated School Board. I have come to know Larry as a concerned, compassionate intellectual with a sense of logic that is exceeded only by his integrity and sense of fairness. Larry’s sense of fairness repeatedly has been demonstrated through his legal positions as an attorney. He often chooses to represent those least able to mount their own challenges and has been a champion for ‘the underdogs’ in such efforts. I have not always stood on the same side of issues with Larry, but I always have been confident his positions were taken because of his unceasing commitment to equality and fairness. Among Larry’s hallmark characteristics is his commitment to inclusion and innovation. As Chairman of Charleston County’s Republican Party in 2018 Larry supported the historic and unprecedented election of two African Americans to the county Republican Party’s executive committee. They were current county party chair Maurice Washington and Nikki Claibourn. Washington was elected First Vice Chair and Claibourn was elected Third Vice Chair. Also in 2018 under Larry’s leadership the inaugural Black History Banquet to recognize the contributions of local African Americans during Black History Month was initiated. 

Despite significant opposition, Larry pushed forward the initiative that over the past four years has grown in support furthering efforts to recruit minority participation in the county’s Republican Party. 

As an innovator committed to fairness and inclusion, I believe Larry Kobrovsky is the best candidate to fill the District 2 seat on Charleston County Council. I sincerely hope you will give him your support June 14. 

Barney Blakeney 


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