Letter To The Editor: Setting Standards At The Old Dump

I’ve been walking the Old Dump for nearly 10 years. This East Cooper Land Trust treasure exists at the marsh end of Station 19. I can only imagine how hard citizens worked to make this open space permanent for future generations. It’s used by people who love observing wildlife, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, daydreaming, playing soccer, lacrosse and tossing balls to dogs. The Old Dump helped keep me sane during 2020. Many people seek refuge there. This was always a relatively clean piece of property. That changed over the past year or so and I observed why this change occurred.

Some entity, I’m presuming the Town of Sullivan’s Island, began delivering fill to an area close to the water’s edge. The fill was a mix of sand, stone, leaves, and man-made garbage. Construction materials in the mix were carelessly delivered to a single spot in the center of the Old Dump driveway (plastic piping, wood, synthetic fabrics, and other detritus). 

Although there might have been an attempt to create a center mound to bring more structure to the driveway, I can’t imagine any legitimate excuse for dumping on this land, whether temporary or permanent. As a concerned citizen, I hope the Town has plans to remove this garbage. Soon. It was no surprise when people using the Old Dump started littering more.

A precedent was set and continues to inspire bad behaviors. One day in June when I arrived to watch a beautiful Blue Heron fish, I saw numerous golf balls, golf tees, plastic cups, and other litter all around the water’s edge. 

The fill is mostly covered in green now. I hope in the future we can do better to set an example for the people who come here. We have to let them know we care so they will as well. 

Elizabeth Boyle 

Sullivan’s Island 

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