Letter To The Editor: Schwartz

Dear Editor,

I am the owner of 63 Grand Pavilion Wild Dunes, and was just down visiting our home this past weekend. Got a real chance to review this issue of proposed changes to dunes area in front of 56-64 homes and have to tell, I am totally against this plan. It infringes on our property too much with too many activities throughout the days. We know weddings are planned, tents, temporary electrical and lighting will be too much of a disturbance to all homeowners impacted. We will lose value in our property. I bought this home last March in part for the view; deer and other wildlife are seen in this area every day.

It is further a protection to our investment having this dune area. The impact on parking in the cul-de-sac is a concern, from rental companies bringing in tents to guest parking, brings too much activity to the street side of our homes.

The last is the environmental impact. The aesthetic and protective function provided by this land is undeniable, even in the worst of storms. In fact, following up on a comment from a neighbor, Tim Kana, Ph.D, of Coastal Science and Engineering, has said, “The beach is your first line of defense against a hurricane.

The key to this protection is a wide sandy beach and established vegetated dunes that work together to absorb much of the energy of waves.” I fail to see why Wild Dunes Community Association and the Isle of Palms would even debate experts like Tim Kana and consider allow changes to this land that I feel is a treasure worth protecting by allowing it to be developed into a commercial entertainment area. If Destination Wild Dunes would like to maintain this ecosystem to enhance its health, I would support rotational cutting of the foliage or the removal of harmful, invasive species of vines, shrubs and trees. Our coastal forest must be protected and should not be seen as a determinate to commercial enterprise like Destination Wild Dunes. Proper management of this coastal forest should be our priority so that future generations can enjoy this island we call home today.

It should not be sacrificed so that a commercial entity can create a better profit for their investors. The Grand Pavilion is a special community in Wild Dunes Resort and the only with natural coastal forest. Let’s not make the same mistakes that now plague the northern end of the Isle of Palms. Please do not allow Destination Wild Dunes to develop the land in the Grand Pavilion to be another revenue source.

Please protect this area from commercial development so it can protect us from future storms and erosion.

Drew Schwartz
Keljess Holdings LLC
Matthews, NC

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