Letter To The Editor: Ready, Get Set, Vote

Dear Editor,

Voters in our communities will soon be casting votes in the South Carolina Primary Election. Eligible citizens have until May 13 to register so they can vote in the June 12th Primaries and June 26thPrimary Runoffs (runoff if needed). 

Now is also the time to familiarize ourselves with the candidates on the ballot and the offices up for grabs—This year they include Governor and all state constitutional offices, all U.S. and S.C. House of Representatives seats, and numerous other offices, such as county council, probate judge, and register of deeds. Whether you are a college student or senior citizen, a secretary or CEO — Election Day is every voter’s opportunity to weigh in on the issues that matter most to you. 

Candidates selected by state primary voters in June will appear on our November 6th ballots, along with candidates running for nonpartisan offices, such as municipal councils and school boards for all local districts. 

As voters, we need to decide who will do the best job for us right here in our communities. Whether we are concerned about public health and education, what jobs are available, the cost of higher education, our children’s safety or national security, few of us will have the opportunity to personally ask each candidate what their plans are for addressing our community’s needs. So, where do we go to find these answers?

For help, head to www.VOTE411.org where voters can access their voters’ guide and candidate and ballot information. The League of Women Voters’ nationwide voter education resource, VOTE411.org was created to provide you with your personalized voting guide that includes up-to-date information you need to cast your ballot, including who’s on your ballot, information about voting absentee and what types of identification you will need.

At VOTE411, you can also register to vote, make sure your registration is active and update your registration, if necessary. 

These last weeks before Election Day are an important time for all voters to take advantage of every available opportunity we have to learn about the candidates. Voting is the one time when we all have an equal say in standing up for the issues and priorities that matter most to us and our community.

Vote! Our jobs, health, education, families and futures depend on it.

Barbara Zia and Joan Zaleski

Directors, Citizen Education and Voters Service

League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area

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