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Letter To The Editor: Re-elect And Restore

I have observed four Sullivan’s Island mayors and I served on Town Council with our outstanding current Mayor Pat O’Neil and with Chauncey Clark who opposes him for mayor. I have learned there is far more to being mayor than playing the role of affable Council Chair. Those who lived here during Hurricane Hugo know what happens when our town government dissolves in the face of disaster, leaving residents stranded off-island. Mayor O’Neil has capably managed through a 1,000 year flood, five major storms and hurricanes, and a Covid pandemic. Our new Town Hall and upgraded Wastewater Treatment System are designed to withstand hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. As Chair of the Water and Sewer Committee, I well remember Chauncey Clark, a committee member, suggesting we “kick the can down the road” instead of proceeding with these critical upgrades. Our Mayor plays a crucial role in representing the Town’s interests in the tri-county area, the South Carolina State House, and with federal officials and agencies such as FEMA. Countless times Mayor O’Neil has, on short notice, traveled to Columbia and elsewhere to insure that the interests of our town are well-represented, as in preventing off-shore drilling. Mr. Clark has sought to loosen S.C. State regulations limiting short-term rentals of residential property. Foremost is Pat O’Neil’s rock-solid integrity. As an owner of marsh-side property, he recused himself when the town considered allowing more docks in the marsh which could have personally benefited him. His opponent has had no problem championing the recent Lawsuit settlement which provides a 50-year renewable guarantee that no vegetation will interfere with his current 180 degree ocean-view. Let’s re-elect Mayor Pat O’Neil and elect excellent Town Council members who will move our town forward, with integrity, and with the public’s voice restored. Elect Justin Novak, Scott Millimet and Gary Visser.

Susan Middaugh

Sullivan’s Island

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