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Letter To The Editor: Pushing For Pounds

To date there are three candidates competing for Mayor of Isle of Palms. One individual rises to the top and that is Mr. Phillip Pounds. Phillip has integrity, experience, island loyalty and character that we desperately need to lead our local government. We served on the IOP planning commission with Mr. Pounds and were impressed with his connection to the residents of our island as well as his creative ideas for solving issues. Phillip took a very active role in our flood abatement projects even though his neighborhood was not threatened. Phillip demonstrated that he listens to other people’s viewpoints before formulating his own position. 

After serving on the Planning Commission for several years, in 2019 Mr. Pounds decided to run for city council and received the greatest number of votes of any candidate. After his election he was appointed to the Ways & Means Committee (the primary committee for IOP Council) and was subsequently elected Committee Chairman (a remarkable status for a freshman councilman and a show of confidence from his fellow council members). He chaired during the COVID crisis and helped steer our city thru the ever-changing minefield of financial surprises that can be harmful to an island city that is dependent on tourism. 

Phillip Pounds is an individual in whom we can all have confidence to lead our City and someone you will be proud to call your mayor. 

Richard Ferencz and William J. Mills 

Isle of Palms 

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