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Letter To The Editor: Proponent Of Pounds

During this time when social media is fanning the flame of hostility and divisiveness, the Isle of Palms needs a mayor who will look out for the needs of residents as well as represent the Isle of Palms in a professional manner. I am writing to endorse Phillip Pounds as the next mayor of the Isle of Palms. In addition to his extensive business and civic experience, he has proven himself to be a man of integrity and diplomacy as he managed to stay out of any type of political drama while serving on the Isle of Palms City Council during a very difficult time. His voting record clearly shows that he listens to residents. 

As a 32-year resident on the Isle of Palms, and regular attendee at many city council meetings, I seldom agree with every vote of any individual council member. I appreciate those who do their research, ask pertinent questions, and vote in the best interest of residents. The mayor has only one vote, but is the one who sets the tone for transparency, respect, kindness, and building partnerships with people both on and off the island. Phillip Pounds will do the job well. He will be a strong leader for our beloved island. Please join me in supporting and voting for Phillip Pounds for Isle of Palms mayor. 

Chris Donavan 

Isle of Palms 

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