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Letter To The Editor: Pounds Offers Leadership And Delivers Results

Isle of Palms is changing at an accelerating rate. Challenged by explosive growth in the surrounding counties — rapidly approaching 1 million population — with growing demands from all constituents: residents, property owners, businesses, and visitors. While the off-island growth accelerates, IOP’s residential population and footprint remain fixed. Gone are the days of living in a sleepy island community with a long quiet shoulder season and the occasional issue for a Mayor to address, on a part-time basis. Make no mistake, the Mayor’s job requirements and demands have changed significantly. IOP has become an island known across the country and internationally, with over $5 billion in property value. We’re attracting private equity, short term rental development, home replacement construction, and increasing island amenity demands, far beyond our local reach. The next four years will require a steady, decisive, experienced leader, manager, negotiator, collaborator, and mentor that has the foresight to identify challenges and opportunities, plan proactively for them, and deliver results. 

It will also require developing strong, positive relationships with IOP constituents, surrounding communities, the county, state and federal level for assistance. The Mayor cannot be conflicted regarding residents’ interests and will require a backbone. There is only one candidate that is qualified and will commit full-time to the needs of IOP — Phillip Pounds is willing to make that commitment, has the qualifications, and more. I have known Phillip for several years. His academic background is impressive and career as a leader and financial services executive for a Fortune 30 company is stacked with experience we need now as a community. He’s built and led large teams, worked with diverse organizations and companies, faced/resolved complex issues, and most of all, delivered tangible results for his constituents. Since retiring, Phillip has become fully engaged in all levels of IOP community, including Council Member, a very effective Chair of Ways & Means making huge strides for IOP in the past 18 months during crisis, Public Safety, Public Works, Planning Commission, Wild Dunes Community Association, active Church committee member, and many other volunteer positions. Whether making decisions in the role of community leader, business executive, or charity work, Phillip always acts as a Fiduciary, consistently putting the interests of the people he represents, above his own. There will never be a question in my mind who Phillip represents — all Isle of Palms residents. I encourage all residents to objectively compare Phillip’s career background, commitment, community service, and record of delivering results with any other candidate. 

The choice for Mayor for the future of IOP is clear. 

Scott Pierce 

Isle of Palms

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