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Letter To The Editor: Positioning For The Future

Patrick Marr has it exactly backwards in his recent letter to the editor. He claims that Town Council is positioning—his terminology–Sullivan’s Island residents for the future and that only a loud minority of islanders who want no change at all disagree with what Town Council is doing.

If it truly is the case that only a minority of islanders disagree, why bother to disparage them and mischaracterize their views?

More likely, a majority of islanders strongly oppose the many changes that 4 Town Council members are recklessly forcing through. And supporters of these 4 council members know it.  They just want the majority to BE QUIET and stop asking uncomfortable questions, such as:

  • On a barrier island, prone to hurricanes, is Town Council positioning residents well for the future by cutting the Maritime Forest and destroying the entire island’s natural protection from storm surge and flooding?
  • Is Town Council positioning residents well for the future by ignoring or changing zoning ordinances that have been thoughtfully developed over many years?  These ordinances have created and maintained the unique and charming island community that attracted so many of us in the first place.

But islanders do have the power to make changes of our own. Town elections are coming up on May 4..

Vote for candidates who represent the interests of the entire island and who do not hide behind bland assurances that they are positioning Sullivan’s Island well for the future.

Barbara Spell

Sullivan’s Island

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