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Letter To The Editor: Phillip Pounds For Isle Of Palms Mayor

 I am excited to read of the candidacy of Phillip Pounds for Isle of Palms mayor in the May 7, 2021 edition of The Island Eye News. I had the pleasure of meeting Phillip and his wife Laurie several years ago and believe he would be an excellent candidate for this position. Phillip possesses both the professional and personal qualities and experiences that make him an ideal candidate for Mayor. With regards to professional experience, Phillip had a long career in finance and team building with Wells Fargo and continues to use his background and experience to support various committees and organizations on the Isle of Palms. Phillip serves on the Finance Committee for the Isle of Palms Methodist Church, the Planning Commission, as a Board member for the Wild Dunes Community Association, and on the Isle of Palms City Council. These roles provide insight into the substantial projects important to the island and its residents and require someone with Phillip’s background to provide leadership with managing these large undertakings and budgets. Phillip also possesses the personal qualities to lead the island. He approaches every issue with a calm, thoughtful, and respectful manner. Since Phillip was elected to City Council, I contacted him several times to express a concern or ask for his support regarding issues and always received a prompt, thoughtful reply. If our opinions differed, he always took the time to share his perspective. Phillip was also instrumental in initiating action to repair a broken drainpipe and backflow valve on my street at the request of the residents. Although the residents had alerted various individuals about the problem over several years, Phillip’s actions resulted in a team of individuals inspecting the problem, bids for repairs, and completion of those repairs. 

I believe that Phillip’s professional experiences, personal qualities, and recent service on the Planning Commission and City council, in particular, make him a great candidate for Mayor of the Isle of Palms. Please join me in supporting Phillip Pounds for mayor this November. 

Sandy Brotherton 

Isle of Palms

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