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Letter To The Editor: Paying Respects

Dear Editor,

Whenever I go to a funeral home to pay my respects, even if the relatives are standing next to the open coffin, I never look at the deceased.

It’s just the way I am. I want to remember them with a cold drink in their hand, laughing, listening to beach music at a party in our past.

A local Sullivan’s Island friend passed the other day that brought joy to hundreds. I called it the Christmas tree that was actually just a beach ornament. It started out a couple of football fields off shore on a sandbar. Finally, something bigger than what that put it there deposited it on the shore near Station 23.

Over the Christmas holidays it was happily decorated by passersby, including myself. I left many items including a passed puffer fish I found, that reminded me of a young child who years ago caught one on a Sullivan’s Island Elementary outing. The puffer lived at the school for a long time before being returned to the sea.

Well, the tree has been destroyed by a shortminded fool with a saw of some sort. A rude stump remains. From now on whenever I walk or ride my bike on the beach I’m going to remember my friend laughing, glassing and not look in the coffin.

Lenny Branch

Sullivan’s Island

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