Letter To The Editor: Parking Not Up To Standard

 Dear Editor,

The picture associated with this letter shows cars parked at Battery Thompson and behind the Post Office. The parking is mostly for Commercial District customers. Both areas are zoned “Residential” and should not be used for general parking.

The town started allowing parking at the Battery Thompson site several years ago without going through the requirements of the zoning ordinance and the development of it does not meet the standards established for parking lots.

On other parts of the island the town has restricted boat parking on town owned residential property over liability concerns. There is also concern about zoning compliance in considering new uses for the old town hall.

The parking shown is not in compliance with the zoning and how can a lot without proper lighting, an uneven surface, no permits, and various trip hazards be used for general parking without being a liability? Maybe all of you people needing a place to park a boat should park them right there.

Council needs to figure out how this lot will be used in the future and rezone if the parking use is to continue and bring it up to the required standards if so.

Rick Graham

 Isle of Palms

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