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Letter To The Editor: Myriad Of Issues

We are the heart of the business district on Sullivan’s Island and lucky to be so embraced by the amazing and supportive community surrounding us. We are also one of the main sources of revenue to the town and hence have a vital interest in appropriate town governance.

There are a myriad of issues that the town has to face from traffic and parking to conservation of town resources. As in any endeavor the type of people you want making those decisions should be thoughtful, rational, objective and progressive. As the environment and make up of our surrounding communities is rapidly changing we need leaders that will be proactive as opposed to reactive. Trying to find forward facing solutions as opposed to backward facing wishful thinking.

We don’t need leaders that rely on old, tired and fear mongering arguments of “paving paradise’ and “ the next Myrtle Beach.” We need leaders willing to honestly assess the issues, allow for progressive ideas to be fully debated and be willing to include all in their deliberations.

We respectively submit the following candidates as the best suited to lead Sullivan’s Island into that future.

Mayor — Chauncey Clark

Town Council — Tim Reese and Kevin Pennington

Rusty Bennett

Sullivan’s Island

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