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Letter To The Editor: Musi

Dear Editor,

I want to thank all town employees, members of the Council and community present at the special meeting last night for your service and stewardship of the island. It seems that every few years, we have a divisive issue around here, and emotions run strong.

One thing we might be able to agree on is that faith in government is at an all-time low.

This mood is the subject of endless debates, studies and polls. Why?

Well, I saw an incredibly diverse cross-section of residents, business owners and visitors all passionately voice their strong disapproval of a paid parking program. Not a single person in the audience spoke in favor of it.

A room full of people said “Don’t do this.”

Yet an hour later, the Council voted to engage an engineering study that only serves the purpose of moving forward with the scheme. Its primary purpose is an application to SCDOT to permit the paid parking.

Last night a Council member referenced someone unaware of the parking plan and offered that they should come to Council meetings more often.

One wonders why, if public sentiment is so disregarded as it was last night.

Vincent J. Musi

Sullivan’s Island

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