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Letter To The Editor: Multiply, Do Not Divide

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year’s Isle of Palms’ municipal elections, and best of luck to Mayor-elect Phillip Pounds. I have had a blast at my first run for public office, and I have learned more in these last two months about the island than I could have ever imagined. We live in a gorgeous city. Now let’s come together and be happy! I said I would announce my next steps, and I will not be seeking the city council seat of Pounds when he vacates that office to become mayor. To those who encouraged me to run, thank you for the kindness and support. With so much division on the island, I encourage everyone to reflect on the path forward from here. I choose finding common ground with my neighbors, better understanding of the island culture, and remaining thankful to live in such a beautiful city. 

We have too much to learn from one another to be divided. God Bless the Isle of Palms! I’ll see y’all around the island. 

Josh Hooser 

Isle of Palms

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