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Letter To The Editor: Men Of Principle

During this very pivotal election that will undoubtedly impact Sullivan’s Island for our children and grandchildren, we need a mayor that is transparent and gives careful deliberation to important issues. Pat O’Neil has demonstrated to us that he is a man of principle and in whom we should entrust the future of our island. The other mayoral candidate brands himself as a helicopter pilot; one that “makes decisions on the fly.” This way of governing is not appealing to us.

We also support Justin Novak, Gary Visser, and Scott Millimet for Town Council. Mr. Novak thinks long-term and is interested in protecting the charm that brought him and his family here. Mr. Visser has a remarkable and extensive business background that would benefit the island greatly. Finally, Mr. Millimet is one that will listen to the concerns of all and discuss solutions with transparency. 

Having had the opportunity to meet these candidates, we clearly see their shared vision for the future of our island, one that embraces the conservation and preservation of our island home.

Baxter and Tracy Hahn

Sullivan’s Island

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