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Dec 01 2019

Letter To The Editor: Maritime Forest

Will Bulsiewicz, Sarah Grace Bulsiewicz, Valarie Kobrovsky Bulsiewicz, and Liam Bulsiewicz. (Photo taken Nov. 9 by Larry Kobrovsky)

Dear Editor,

As a forty year resident of Sullivan’s Island I want to state as strongly as possible that the Maritime Forest is a gift from God and nature.

All over the Lowcountry we are witnessing the loss of nature to over development and concrete. In my time I have witnessed the loss of the wilderness of the north end of Isle of Palms, the sand dunes from Breach Inlet to the Wind Jammer plowed down, Shem Creek defiled by a Parking Garage and our Island like Silent Spring immediately after Hurricane Hugo with no sounds of nature or wildlife. To have an actual Maritime Forest growing on our Island is a miracle that we should treasure. I try to get there as often as I can to experience the solitude, the sounds of the birds singing and feel a sense of awe that this has happened on our Island.

Larry Kobrovsky

Sullivan’s Island

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