Letter To The Editor: Langley

Dear Editor,

Did you know that you can take out an ad in The Island Eye, fill it with misinformation, inaccuracies, and untruths, not sign your name, and call yourself “Concerned Island Residents”? Could it be that these residents are concerned that the present council is not leaning their way toward clearing the maritime forest and accreted land, and want to put people in place that would be more inclined to see things in their favor? I have never written a letter to the editor. But when people circulate lies like the Concerned Island Residents did in their ad, it makes me a little mad.

My wife is a council member with Susan Middaugh and Sarah Church. They don’t always agree but in the end they try to do what is best for the island and the majority of its residents within the scope of their duties. Susan Middaugh is a long time island resident who has had nothing but the best interest of her community at heart in her terms on council and BZA. The same can be said for Sarah Church. She is new on council and works hard to do the right thing for our island and community. I know how time- consuming and stressful the position is, and they do it for free.

Before you listen to people that obviously haven’t got a clue about the workings of council, talk to the candidates, come to the meetings, and get the facts. Susan Middaugh and Sarah Church don’t deserve to be abused by anonymous people with an agenda.

Thank you,

Milton Langley

Sullivan’s Island

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