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Letter To The Editor: Kinghorn Spins False Narrative

Dear Editor,

 In his most recent letter to the editor, IOP Councilman Kinghorn has continued to spin a false narrative that IOP will never again face devastating weather events. He has proposed that we have no need to set aside adequate emergency disaster funds. In conjunction, Kinghorn has in the past both cavalierly and disingenuously pandered that that FEMA will take care of everyone.

Alternatively and/or in addition, in order to replace revenue shortfalls that will inevitably result if his ideas were adopted, the councilman has repeatedly urged that IOP a) generate funds by turning our front beach parking area into a mobile home/RV park, and b) sell our city’s reputation in exchange for hosting sleazy reality shows. He has constantly and overwhelmingly been outvoted by a duly concerned council(s).

One has only to ask our neighbors in Nichols, SC how Kinghorn’s fiscally irresponsible proposals for IOP have worked out in the real world: sixteen months after Hurricane Matthew, 60% of Nichols’ former residents are still left homeless; most businesses have been irretrievably destroyed; vulnerable families and retirees have been devastated. They are still waiting for Kinghorn’s theoretical handouts.

Meanwhile real estate vultures have swept in and innocent citizens have been soaked worse than ever.

Rather than writing ill-conceived letters to the newspaper that tend to unjustifiably sow discord, perhaps the councilman would be better served to stop and listen to his more knowledgeable, caring and concerned fellow councilmembers. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it is better for some politicians to keep their mouths shut and suffer others to think them a fool, rather than to open their mouths and remove all doubt.

Doug Truslow

Isle of Palms

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