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Letter To The Editor: Isle Of Palms Mayoral Race

As we head into this election season, I want to thank the Mayor and City council of Isle of Palms for their hard work and dedication to the residents, property owners, and businesses of the Island. What a challenging few years. I believe the years ahead will continue to pose challenges as Mayor Carroll stated in his recent letter to the residents in The Island Eye News. 

At this time, it could not be more important to have strong leadership that will support the residents, property owners, and businesses of the Island. The years ahead are going to be very difficult as we continue to face, unbridled growth in the neighboring communities, legislators who are not willing to support residents, state agencies with not so transparent agendas (SCDOT), as well as environmental issues like rising sea levels. With that being said I believe Phillip Pounds would make an excellent mayor. Having served with him on the Planning Commission, I found Phillip to be thoughtful, resident focused, with a wealth of experience, and a forward thinker. His leadership will be needed to support council in addressing the tuff issues that lie ahead. 

For that reason Phillip Pounds has my vote, as well as our right minded friends and neighbors. 

Vincent DiGangi 

Isle of Palms 

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