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Letter To The Editor: In Response To Kinghorn

Dear Editor,

Teddy, neither I, nor any of my friends or neighbors I have spoken with, have asked for a refund of our taxes.

What we are asking is for you to take your head out of whatever hole you keep it in and work on the problems we face every day. Some examples are the coyote problem, which is getting worse, the flooding along Palm Blvd., Waterway Blvd., Hartnett Blvd. and other neighborhoods caused by drainage which is in need of repair, parking which is a problem in residential areas and getting worse, traffic on summer weekends when we can not run errands, and others which I do not have room to list. 

What we are waiting for is to see if you can accomplish at least one project that you promised when you campaigned for the position you are in.

And finally, yes I am allowed to speak here!

Jim Burke

Isle of Palms

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