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Letter To The Editor: Ignoring Long-Established Procedures

Dear Editor,

In approving the lease for the new Sullivan’s Island Elementary School, SI Town Council established a special arrangement for one particular piece of property on Sullivan’s Island and exempted this piece of property from long-established design review procedures. In connection with the lawsuit regarding the petition for referendum and Sullivan’s Island Elementary School, attorney Rutledge Young, III, submitted the attached affidavit from Mayor Carl Smith, addressing this issue.

As Mayor Smith states in the affidavit, the Town of Sullivan’s Island created design review standards for the entire town in October, 2004. A primary purpose of the design review process was to intentionally and deliberately divest the Sullivan’s Island Town Council with the ability to review the design of all new construction on Sullivan’s Island. The affidavit states that by placing itself in charge of elements of design review of the new elementary school on Sullivan’s Island, the existing Town Council is defeating the purpose for which the Sullivan’s Island design review procedures were set up.

For well over a year, SI Town Council has stated that it would not hold a vote as requested in the petition for referendum, stating that the petition was defective. On March 8, Judge Markley Dennis disagreed with Town Council’s position that the petition was defective. Yet, Town Council still refuses to hold a vote. Why? Sullivan’s Island residents are entitled to a vote on this issue—and issue that will affect all island residents for generations to come.

Barbara Spell

Atlantic Avenue

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