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Letter To The Editor: I Want A Mayor Who…

Sullivan’s Island Town Council Member Chauncey Clark is a candidate for the office of Mayor for the Town of Sullivan’s Island. For more than 40 years, I have been privileged to serve with, and for, many, many, leaders in the Armed Services of the United States, the South Carolina state government and local governments. For more than 25 years I was in the unique position, as the Mount Pleasant Town Administrator, to observe up close and personal, strong leaders and public servants. I can assert, with no reservations, that Councilman Clark exceeds the standards that I believe are essential for an outstanding local leader, and particularly as Mayor. I want a Mayor and leader who can draw from a wide array of professional and real-life experiences. I want a mayor who can, and will, listen to their advisors, the members of their elected team and to citizens at large, and will use that counsel to make informed decisions that will yield solutions for short and long term challenges. I want a mayor who will work tirelessly, week in and week out, for his or her citizens. I want a mayor who is patient, deliberate and even tempered in their approach to every issue, and I want a Mayor who is inclusive when conducting public meetings. 

I have known Councilman Clark for more than 15 years and have had the opportunity to observe and work with him as an elected member of local government, a member of the USS Yorktown Foundation (and now their Chairman), and as a longtime and tireless volunteer for the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. I also know Councilman Clark as a compassionate United States Veteran. Moreover, I know Chauncey as simply a good human being that I am proud to call my friend. I cannot imagine that the fine and learned citizens of Sullivan’s Island could find a better candidate than Chauncey Clark for the office of Mayor.

Mac Burdette


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