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Letter To The Editor: H. Blair Hahn, Esq

Dear Editor,

I am shocked to read in David Slade’s article in the Post and Courier that SCDOT Secretary Christy Hall has “revoked” the department’s approval of the Isle of Palms 2015 parking plan.

This is a power neither Christy Hall nor the SCDOT now or has ever had! Christy Hall wrote in a 1/9/2015 letter to IOP that the island has the sole authority to regulate on-street parking per SC Code 5-29-30. Ms. Hall’s boss, the then Secretary of Transportation, followed up in a letter on 6/12/2015 that SCDOT recognizes that the regulation of on-street parking is a responsibility assigned to local governments per SC Code. As such, the SC legislature must take legislative action to change the existing law. Perhaps Ms. Hall is grandstanding in an attempt to assist Senator Grooms in his reelection bid this fall. Isn’t that using State resources for a political campaign?

Regardless, both Ms. Hall and Senator Grooms are misrepresenting the law and the facts concerning the Isle of Palms public parking for an ulterior purpose.

H. Blair Hahn, Esq.,

Isle of Palms

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