Letter To The Editor: Graham

Dear Editor,

I have a commercial lot on Sullivan’s Island which I believe can be helpful in easing some of the congestion problems in the commercial district. My plans include paid general parking if approved. I’m not against the continued success of the commercial establishments. Some council members have run stating an opposition to commercial district expansion even though the district has been the same size since its creation and nobody is asking for more area. Given a chance I want these members to start solving problems instead of just stating them for political purposes. We have the same and more congestion and parking problems we had 15 years ago and it’s not just because of a growing area population.

The problems in the commercial district are mostly the creation of council itself through years of poor planning and elimination or easing of parking requirements. The town also created a parking lot on residentially zoned property across Ion Ave from the post office. This was done despite parking lots being unlawful on residentially zoned property. The rear lot behind the post office is also zoned residential but is used as an after hours commercial parking lot. The town has not enforced the zoning. In other areas the use of residential property for commercial district parking has been vigorously opposed by residents and restricted by council so I hope the residents in this area will receive the same protection. It’s time for solutions, not more rhetoric. I’m not against free parking on town property but parking solutions need to be found within the commercial district first before other property is rezoned or unlawfully used for parking.

Richard Graham

Sullivan’s Island

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