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Letter To The Editor: Fate Of The Forest

As a 40-year resident of Sullivan’s Island I want to state again as strongly as possible that our Maritime Forest is a gift from God and nature.

All over our Lowcountry we are daily witnessing the loss of our green spaces.

To have a Maritime Forest growing on our Island to protect us from storm surge and to provide us with drainage is a blessing we should seek to preserve and not destroy.

It is also a place we all can go to experience solitude, listen to the sounds of birds singing and to feel a sense of awe and gratitude for such a blessing.

On May 4, we will decide by our votes whether our Maritime Forest continues to exist or disappears.

Before you vote take a minute and think of the legacy we will leave for our children and grandchildren. We owe it to all those who come after us to preserve and protect this Miracle of Nature. Future generations will never forgive us for destroying this Gift we were given.

Please join me in voting for Patrick O’Neil for Mayor and Scott Millimet, Justin Novak, and Garry Visser for our Town Council.

Our votes so May 4 will determine the legacy we leave.

Larry Kobrovsky

Sullivan’s Island 

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