Letter To The Editor: Fair And Equal Treatment

Dear Editor,

The Island Eye News did an outstanding job covering the public meetings concerning the candidates and the marina referendum on IOP. Also, the two issues with questions and answers “In their own words” were informative and helpful to the voters. So the Oct. 27 final edition before the election Letters to the Editor section surprised this reader by being totally unbalanced. There were 3 long letters, totaling 1,672 words, in favor of the marina, one written by a non-resident property owner who is not even eligible to vote. There was a poison pen letter of 616 words from Brian Duffy regarding Jimmy Carroll, which precluded any rebuttal since it was published at that late date. Another letter of 367 words lauded candidate Loftis. I sent a postcard of only 169 words taking candidate Loftis to task for claiming credit for parking plan C. I quoted City Council minutes, date and page included, which credited Councilman Jimmy Carroll for same. This letter was not published. Jimmy Carroll’s ex-wife’s letter of 429 words endorsing him for mayor did make the cut. Catherine Malloy’s fine letter of 429 words encouraging people to vote was a great success: approximately 50% turnout of voters – the best since 2007. She said, “When low voter turnout occurs we get what we deserve.” I endorse that sentiment along with her, big voter turnout engendered a big win for IOP. It is a shame that mainly the long-winded got to be heard. Diverse opinions need to be aired with an aim toward balance and fair-play.

Laura McMaster,

Isle of Palms

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