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Apr 27 2015

Letter To The Editor: Don’t Move Public Works

Dear Editor,

I was dismayed when I read in the March 30 edition of the Island Eye that there is a move afoot to relocate the IOP Public Works department off the island. Councilmember Ward says it’s obvious it should be moved and it’s not the best use of the property. Of course, he does not share what the best use would be. What councilmember Ward find so obvious is just simply ludicrous!

The Public Works department led by Director Donnie Pitts is a well-managed, extremely efficient operation and impacts every citizen on this Island. Director Pitts is always working to improve services, cut costs and keep the island clean. He is always responsive to residents’ requests. I am confident that Director Pitts is fully cognizant of the impacts of new state regulations impacting his operation and is well on his way in developing a plan to address these impacts.

Maintenance/replacement of the fuel storage tanks is a cost of doing business for the city. This tank efficiently and cost effectively provides fuel to the city’s entire fleet of vehicles including fire and police not just the garbage trucks.

What are the obvious impacts of moving the Public Works off island? First and foremost will be a decreased responsiveness to the residents. Second is the decrease in the usable life of the city fleet. Lastly, there will be a decrease in efficiency of a well-managed department. As a former council member and past Chair of the Public Works Committee I believe I am well suited to render this informed opinion.

Brian Duffy

Isle of Palms

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