Dec 13 2018

Letter To The Editor: Crab Bank Needs Your Help

Dear Editor,

It seemed like an impossible dollar figure for our Department of Natural Resources to match the Army Corps of Engineer’s price tag on restoring Crab Bank a few months ago. Now we are down to $400,000 to make the December 14 deadline.

There has been an incredible surge from school children, to National Fish and Wildlife, to regional businesses and an Audubon grant, to make it possible for future generations of birds to survive and thrive. There is now a need for citizens who benefit the most from restored habitat to make private contributions to close the deal.

Because SI would be a major beneficiary of the Crab Bank Restoration site and because many of the bird refugees from the Irma destroyed Crab Bank are unable to nest or rest where Sullivan’s Island has heavy public, dog and predator impact; it is our turn to step up.

 Isle of Palms and all of the Lowcountry will benefit from this unique opportunity to see remarkable sea and shore birds in flight, on the nest and gathering to rest.

Since Sullivan’s Island is just a short trip away by boat or kayak and in need of a buffer from westerly storms and ever larger ship wakes, we stand to benefit the most.

Please consider a Christmas gift to your barrier island neighbors – both human and avian – that will restore Crab Bank. More about this project can be found at

Thanks for your support.

Barrier Island Neighbors for Crab Bank,

Sarah Harper Diaz,

Mary Edna Frase,

Mary Alice Monroe,

Mary Pringle

Mail checks to BINCB, 1851 Flag St., Sullivan’s Island, SC 29487. Individual recognition to you will be as charter members of BINCB, 501c3 in process.

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