Letter To The Editor: Conservatives, Moderates Speak Up

Dear Editor,

When you see a wrong oppose it. This was a core value we were all taught while growing up at home, in Sunday school, in youth sports and in civic organizations. During a tumultuous Presidential primary campaign my siblings reminded me that “The Donald’s” behavior, language, manners and demeanor were contrary to everything our parents taught us. Amazingly it has gotten worse. Words and deeds matter, neither are being effectively used by this President and his administration.

As a long time Republican, I had the privilege of serving with Senator Strom Thurmond. I supported the Senator as well as President Reagan and others in numerous successful campaigns.

These two men would be aghast at the current behavior and language of the leader of our country and I believe they would be outspoken critics.

Where are the rest of the critics? It is ok to support and debate the policies we each believe in, but at the same time we should loudly speak up against inappropriate behavior by our President or anyone else. Our community, region and state helped vote this President into office. I did not and could not. Granted, we didn’t have the best options in the general election, but as I tell my friends, but for Aleppo, Gary Johnson could have been our man.

One may find it humorous, if it wasn’t so serious; to hear some conservative southerners defend what some would say is a rude, ill-tempered, self-absorbed New York political chameleon. We as independent South Carolinians deserve wholesale change in our broken political system, but its time to recognize and speak out against our chosen leader and his ineffective administration. As a local mentor recently reminded me, “A wise mind changes his mind, a fool never does.” We all make mistakes, I certainly have, but this one is a doozy!

Having served in every level of government and in two of our three branches I know the potential of governing well and working hard to succeed. If our elected officials are doing anything less, and we allow them to, it is wasteful and shameful. Senator Thurmond was a practical and hard working public servant. Two phrases he often shared and practiced were: “You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar…” and his departing words to me while under his employ, “Don’t let any grass grow under your feet…” Clearly the former is not the approach of this government and it is draining the energy in which to govern.

Let’s all hold ourselves to a higher standard of public discourse and our elected officials to a better, more civil form of governance.

At minimum, let’s insist on courtesy and decorum that would befit our children and reduce the trivial and vitriol so our government may address critical issues at home and abroad.

Ted Kinghorn

Isle of Palms

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