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Letter To The Editor: Compelled To Respond

I don’t often comment on negative media, but, after reading Susan Middaugh’s commentary in the Post and Courier on 12/9/2020, I felt compelled to respond. Not because of the attacks on me – I’ve grown a thick skin – but because of the attacks on her, my, our neighbors.

In the commentary, Ms. Middaugh criticized neighbors and residents who selflessly volunteer their time and talent to sit on boards and committees for the betterment of the island. Ms. Middaugh calls the new appointees “far less qualified applicants” than her preferred candidates that were replaced. Why would any future candidates ever come forward to serve with the prospect of such baseless attacks looming? 

Ms. Middaugh fails to mention that while she was on Council, she was part of a group of six who imposed their own will and ignored that of the residents. As a result of her group of six running

“roughshod” over the island, the residents exercised their democratic rights and voted her and her co-authors off Town Council. Ironically, Ms. Middaugh still believes that her views represent the majority of the island and that the elected Council members somehow do not. Now, suddenly, being in the minority is a problem.

I was the one on the other end of the majority for years. I never publicly disparaged my colleagues over disagreements but instead let the votes stand.

As for the rest of her commentary, those that know me and understand what is happening on Sullivan’s Island will see that her assertions are simply not true. The facts are the facts, and I stand by them.

I am grateful to all those who serve on boards, past and present. Without you, this island would be rudderless. I hope we can all move forward with civility and respect the democratic process.

Chauncey Clark

Sullivan’s Island

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