Letter To The Editor: Church

Dear Editor,

When Sullivan’s Island Elementary School (SIES) was moved to the swing site in Mount Pleasant a few years ago, there was a sense of excitement about getting a new building. It didn’t occur to the parents, teachers, or students that their school site would be swooped in on by developers to make a quick profit. Perhaps this was naive. The Charleston County School Board, Sullivan’s Island Town Council, and the Mayor of Sullivan’s Island were all promising the timely rebuilding of the school at the original beach front site. With all that support, no one thought there would be a threat to the future of the school. Yet here we are, three years out and counting, and when I promise my daughter her school will be rebuilt, I’m not entirely sure this promise will be fulfilled.

Recently there have been some articles written about moving the school site beside the mound at Stith Park. I am saddened that some would prefer to move it to such a claustrophobic, unsafe site. The proximity to the sewage treatment plant and cell tower is particularly troubling. The health risks of long-term exposure to cell towers are still unknown. If ever there were a leak at the sewage treatment plant, the exposure to noxious chlorine fumes would be deadly. As a parent of two young children, I am not willing to take the risk.

The original site for the school is spacious and far more appropriate. It provides the students access to the beach that is invaluable. I have many fond memories from my years as SIES student of our class time at the shore. It has instilled in me a deep love and respect for the coast, and in all these years, I have never lived far from it. These early years are so formative for children. We teach children more with our actions than our words. Lets show them we value their journey through elementary school by rebuilding SIES at its rightful place by the sea.

Sarah VanBuren Church

PTA President for SIES

Atlantic Avenue, Sullivan’s

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