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Letter To The Editor: Capable, Level-headed Leadership For Isle Of Palms Mayor

On Tuesday, November 2, IOP residents have the privilege to vote a new mayor into office. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly support Phillip Pounds for this position. Phil retired after thirty-five years of success in the financial services sector, working for consensus on large projects, with large groups of people. He started the public service ball rolling when he volunteered for a position on the IOP Planning Commission for two years. In 2019, IOP voters elected him to city council in resounding fashion. I recall asking Phil before he declared for council, if he was sure he wanted to get into the political arena and his response was about how he had fallen in love with the island over two decades of coming here with his family. 

Retirement had given him time to get involved in order to help improve quality of life on the island. He has no business ties or interests to weigh him down or cloud his judgement, which I believe, should always be a voter consideration. Phil is one of the most level-headed, thoughtful, approachable, and insightful people I have ever known. Imagine if YOU had been sworn into city council in January 2020, as Phil was. Within a few weeks, you are having to deal with covid, and its many nasty ramifications, in addition to all the many projects and responsibilities that were on the table already. So, when I asked Phil if he was REALLY sure about taking things a step further to the City’s highest elected position, his response was an emphatic “Yes!” His desire to continue to serve the residents of IOP is as strong as ever. 

Please join me in voting for Phillip Pounds for Mayor in November. 

Chip Blackwelder 

Isle of Palms

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