Letter To The Editor: Barney

Dear Editor,

 In this age of inclusion, disability rights and general awareness and acceptance of individuals who use wheelchairs to travel, I was dumbstruck last month by the driver of a golf cart who squeezed next to the handicap space at Ron’s Home Team BBQ on Middle Street. Because the golf cart prevented the mobility van’s ramp from fully extending, it made it impossible for our friend using the wheelchair to maneuver his chair onto the ramp.

The parking spot was clearly marked by the easily recognizable blue handicap parking sign. The space was painted with blue lines to delineate the space, and also diagonally placed blue lines to warn off cars from parking next to the handicap spot. The golf cart parked squarely in the space with the diagonal blue lines! Perhaps the driver didn’t notice the handicap parking sign, or the blue lines, or the sticker on the van asking people not to park too closely? Or maybe the driver was simply ignorant of how people with wheelchairs travel and get into and out of vehicles. I also notified Chief Griffin of this issue but haven’t heard back. Can you please help spread the word to golf cart drivers to be mindful of handicap spaces. The BBQ was delicious, by the way.

I have attached an image of a van to show how the ramp extends from the side of the car.


Tamara Barney,

Sullivan’s Island

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