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Letter To The Editor: Amateur Hour

I would like to point out a few things to the IOP city council about the selection of human beings for a leadership position. The inept IOP council was actually surprised to get a declination from Battalion Chief Richard Hathaway over a 5-4 vote of confidence for the Fire Chief position. I recommend the IOP city council meet in executive session to discuss personnel matters like city councils the world over do, so you do not have an asinine, half-baked, weak-kneed offer of a job to the next candidate. Talk out all the pluses and minuses behind closed doors, make a selection and then everyone get behind the decision to offer the tough job of fire chief with the FULL support of the IOP city council. This is the proper way to treat humans. 

I also want to take a moment to apologize to the professional firefighter (on behalf of the IOP city council) Battalion Chief Richard Hathaway for his treatment by an obviously poorly functioning city council. They are amateurs at leadership and they know not what they do. To top it off, this city council has put the police chief into a magically concocted position of “Public Safety Officer” in charge of both the police and fire department. This is a good interim move?  Nothing against Chief Cornett, but you have just given a guy with a very tough job, two tough jobs!? How is that going to work for the benefits of anyone?   

The IOP city council works in mysterious ways and after giving themselves a big black eye by making it harder for the public to get to a S.C. public beach, they now have given themselves another black eye. How many eyes does the IOP city council have?

William Keith Everett

Mount Pleasant

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