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Letter To The Editor: Always Tell The Truth

I’ve reached the age when my brain goes from “You probably shouldn’t say that” to “What the hell; let’s see what happens.” Patrick Marr’s Letter to the Editor was a desperate attempt to misinform SI residents. Patrick Marr holds no title as Town Historian, and, for that, we should be grateful. His letter was deceptively persuasive. Its purpose was to get unaware Islanders to vote for Tim Reese and Chauncey Clark, two members of the Gang of Four. Along with Kay Smith and Greg Hammond, the Gang of Four does not work for all Islanders. Only a few. About 10%, to be precise.

Anyone who was around when the issue of the school was alive and kicking, knows that neither side was silent. Patrick Marr wants us to believe that those opposing the building of a large 500 student body school, wanted no school on the island. Absolutely not true. Smaller School activists wanted a smaller, architecturally-sensitive school that would serve our children (which has never more than 60 students) and the children of the IOP. The Town Council at that time wanted the large, cavernous structure we have now. Smaller School advocates secured a state-sanctioned referendum. No easy task, I might add. Town Council ignored the request, denying every resident their God-given right to a vote. Now why would they do that? Obviously, Council members feared the likelihood of a Smaller School victory.  Loudly and determined, Smaller School advocates fought the decision of Council through our courts. The people lost the battle in the SC Supreme Court. But a battle well fought it was!

So, Mr. Marr, please don’t mess with our political history. Tell the truth. Once known, island residents will vote smartly. Just you wait and see.

Karen Coste

Sullivans Island

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