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Letter To The Editor: A Person Of The People

As we all are aware that the mayoral race for Isle of Palms will happen this year, I would like to put forth my 100% support behind Phillip Pounds. Currently, he has served on the city council of Isle of Palms for a couple of years now, serving on the ways and means committee. 

Before that, he served on the IOP Planning Commission. During that time, he has stressed less government, not more, and has had the citizens interests as his motivational guide. He voted for the new restaurant at the marina, and voted to restrict access to IOP, during early stages of the COVID-19 virus. During this time, he has used his 35 years financial business experience and background to balance our budget and interface with the Island business community and citizens. Additionally, he is on the board of Wild Dunes Community Association. I have found Phillip to be very accessible with a very cordial style which represents our Island well. He is transparent and straight forward, while building trust and relationships with the community at large. 

The job of mayor, Isle of Palms, is getting more complex, as is all government, in general. We need someone who can professionally navigate the future for our island and who pays attention to the citizens of this city, someone without a personal agenda. That’s why I am recommending Phillip Pounds. 

Byron Davis 

Isle of Palms

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