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Letter To The Editor: A New Motto

Another election already! They seem to come so often and they often seem the same. This election is not that. This election will be momentous for the island’s future. When I served on Town Council I defended the motto that Sullivan’s Island was first and foremost a single family residential community.

I believe now a new motto is developing within this election. Its focus is monetary and is buffered by the belief that a greater return on investment is progress. Those that follow this mantra would say there is more value created when we can see the beach from our window, rather than “going down to the beach.”

Most would agree that we all love our island. It is this mindset which has made the island such a wonderful but vulnerable community. So what does this election come down to? Should we create a better return on investment or should we continue doing what has brought us this far, a continued preservation of our heritage with historic preservation and the protection of our natural environment. The answer relies on our perception of value. Is it measured in square feet, or in a window’s view? Perhaps it goes deeper, into a space in our hearts, a space where we keep the feelings of community and commitment.

I can only ask that you think on these things and join me in voting this election for Mayor Pat O’Neil, Gary Visser, Scott Millimet and Justin Novak.

I can assure you this election does matter!

Mark A. Howard

Sullivan’s Island

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