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Letter To The Editor: A Natural Sea Wall

A sea wall for Charleston to protect the city from hurricanes, storm surge and climate change will cost an estimated $1.1 billion. The honorable Army Corps of Engineers believes in the concept so much that the agency is willing to cover 65% of the cost (Robert Behre Post and Courier column, Nov. 27, 2021). Yet, just across the harbor, you will find a natural, resilient sea wall already built, that some short-sighted Sullivan’s Island residents want to destroy. The Maritime Forest on Sullivan’s Island is a sea wall more than three decades in the making, that offers protection to life and property for all residents there. It goes unsaid that it also offers a home to countless species of wildlife. However, a small group of front beach residents are doing everything they can to cut it down. The plan to destroy this natural barrier includes using herbicide poison on the beach to make sure it doesn’t grow back. As we look to start a New Year — please join me in encouraging these residents to put the protection for all above their desire for better views. Secondly, please contact every Sullivan’s Island Town Council member to urge them to take action now to overturn the mediation settlement allowing this mass cutting. 

This natural resource belongs to all of us— everyone across the Lowcountry, state and USA—and in this era of climate change, we cannot allow a few to move forward and destroy this national treasure belonging to all. 

Dan Krosse 

Sullivan’s Island

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