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Letter To The Editor: A Devasted Island(er)

There’s a difference between a delegate and a trustee when it comes to politics. A delegate is in office to carry out the wishes of the public majority. A trustee has autonomy to deliberate and act as one sees fit. I believe that Sullivan’s Island Town Council members were elected to vote like the majority of their constituents. As a result of the Council’s recent vote, 90% of the island taxpayers will be paying for what 10% dictates.

The four Council members who voted for the destruction of the Maritime Forest see themselves as trustees; therefore, acting as they see fit. Unfortunately, this has resulted in numerous lawsuits for the town, including the one they are trying to “close out” by voting to give front beach landowners views and breezes.

Many of these landowners want what they had in 1991.

Remember Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and the devastation it caused? It’s no wonder they want what they had in ’91! There was nothing left to obstruct their views or breezes!!! Having trustees that are acting in their own self-interest (three of the four are front beach landowners and one makes his living selling beach property) only to have future residents question this decision, “How did that happen?” Our town desperately needs delegates, those who will act on behalf of the majority.

These trustees, acting as they see fit, have us in 14 lawsuits. I predict we will see many more! Island-wide paid parking is next!!! What could possibly come after that??? Remember, after all, it is 2020. … condos on the creek???

Tracy Knisley Hahn

Sullivan’s Island

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